Many believe that love is sweeter the second time around. If you are looking for signs whether or not your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you, then maybe you are still willing to work out your differences and give your relationship a second chance. I can think of a few of relationships from circle of friends who have been in for a second time around and most of them did feel sweeter and stronger, some are now happily married. The relationship breakup has made them to flourish as a reunited couple by accepting each other’s faults, learning from their mistakes, being open and honest, having less doubt and expectations and more romantic connection.

While it’s quite difficult to identify if your ex still has feelings for you, you can take a look at these credible signals, but be sure to think about it very carefully if you really want him back for all the right reasons.

  1. If he keeps reminding you about your good or funny memories together. When your ex shared nostalgic conversations with you including the every detail of your past, it means that he still loves you and regretting the bad things that pushed you apart. If he’s having a hard time coping up and constantly calling you to talk about your old relationship or how such a romantic relationship went wrong, he obviously wants you back and trying to test your reaction.
  2. Trying to be friends and make time for you is one of the typical things that people do when they choose to breakup and aiming to get their ex back. Most of the time, he tries to keep you around and still choose to hang out with you just to see you. This can be painful especially if you are trying to move on. Stay friends if you think his intention is genuine and not just to feed his ego.
  3. If he brags about his accomplishments. Has your ex keeps mentioning about his new accomplishments like getting a job, new hobbies or finishing an academic training? It could be that your ex is still hoping to grab your attention and wants you to be proud of him. And yes, he is making an attempt to win you back all over again.
  4. He’s drinking a lot and drunk dialing/texting you. Drinking may be his attempt to get over with you or get the courage to say things that he can’t express when he is sober. You may receive a lot of calls and text messages from your ex when he’s drunk to pour his heart out.
  5. He gets jealous when you are flirting with someone else. Does your ex get angry when he sees you flirting with other guy? Or did he ask you if you’re dating anyone? If you see irritation all over his face every time you are talking with an opposite sex or he acts aggressive toward another guy, it’s pretty certain that you still have a big space in your ex’s heart.

So does you ex showing some of these signs? If you ex boyfriend still love you, you have strong feelings for him too and you are both willing to make necessary improvement in yourselves, then do your part and take action now before it’s too late.