Once you decide that you want to increase strength, lose fats, build muscle or improve your body, the first subject that probably comes to your mind is to exercise. But, for you to get the best result as quickly as possible, finding the right exercise that suits you, your experience, your body and your goal plays a big role.

The thing here is, too much exercise can paralyze your sexual desire. Read on to know how and what exercises cause poor sex life.

High-intensity exercises are the culprit.

According to the University of North Carolina’s researchers, they found out that high intensity and frequent exercise is associated with lower libido.

Around 1,077 active men have participated in the study. They all biked, ran, walked, lifter or swam. Based on the report, participants who joined the lowest intensity training were roughly seven times to get a high libido than those who enjoyed the higher intensity training.

Blame long-distance running as well.

The University of British Columbia made another shocking revelation. They’ve published their study in the British Journal of Sports medicine announcing that men who ran over 40 miles every week suffer from lower T-level than those who ran the shorter distance.

Furthermore, experts figured out that intense training can cause exercise hypogonadal male condition, a condition which happens when the luteinizing and testosterone hormones were blocked. Aside from that, higher intensity training can also result in mental and physical fatigue, eliminating your motivation for sex and desire.

Lower testosterone levels and hormonal imbalances are among the reasons why you are experiencing lower libido. These imbalances inhibit the desires that both men and women can have for sexual pleasures.

By exercising moderately, hormonal imbalances can be eliminated and thus, a better sexual drive can help improve a gone bad sex life.

Do you need to stop hitting the gym?

Of course not. It has been found that moderate exercise can optimize your blood flow and set your sexual mood. Thus, not hitting the gym or running won’t help you at all. Therefore, how much exercise is enough to boost your sex drive? The truth is, there’s no clear science-backed answer. Several studies say that it differs from one individual to another. They further added that it’s important for us to experiment to know what works and what’s not.

Through experimenting, we can also see our tipping points wherein we feel emotionally and physically depleted. It’s an indication that we should rest already.

The study from North Carolina emphasized that anyone who exercises not less than 10 hours intensively every week will suffer from low sex drive. It simply implies that anything that exceeds will never be good for our body. Learn to listen to your body or else, you’ll not just compromise your own health but the activity inside the bedroom as well.


Before you actually experience, or if you are already noticing dampen sexual life, then you should start working on a more accurate routine. It is still better to understand your current condition and choose to indulge in a better lifestyle and healthier diet scheme.